Why Is Sam Smith Sharing Photos of A Naked Woman on Instagram?


Sam Smith stunned his Instagram followers Thursday when he shared an extremely NSFW photo of a naked woman.

The 23-year-old "Stay With Me" singer's fans couldn't hide how shocked they were by the pic, which shows a lady's backside pressed agains the glass walls of a shower stall, and led to speculation that Smith's account may have been hacked. 

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Fans bombarded the post with comments ranging from "I'm confused," and "Maybe he's bisexual," to, "If he got hacked he would've taken it down by now."

Smith himself has not acknowledged the racy photo, which is still on his Instagram more than 24 hours later. Even stranger, he's posted several tame follow-up photos since, including a serene nighttime shot of a city landscape and one of himself posing with fans.

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While it seems like Smith might have been hacked, we won't know for sure until he addresses it himself - if he ever does.

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