What's the Secret Behind Taylor Swift's Unstoppable Power?

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Is there anything Taylor Swift can't do?

Not only has her album 1989 been a monster hit, every Swifty looks up to Taylor and her crew as personal #SquadGoals. Then there was that one little time she got Apple Music to change their streaming policy just by posting on Tumblr.

Can you say baller?

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Even her boyfriend Calvin Harris gushed over her (well, her cooking skills) in his first Instagram post of the "Bad Blood" singer.

There's a reason Taylor has so many great friends and a doting boyfriend -- she's pretty great right back. What bonds them all together, the 25-year-old pop star says, is "sincerity."

"They truly mean what they say, and they're honest," Taylor tells ET. "There's sort of an unspoken code that we're there for each other, and we would never turn on each other. We're not gonna gossip about each other. It's kind of an alliance that is the best kind of friendship you can have."

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Even though she has amazing people around her and is raking in cash -- as the eighth highest paid celeb last year, she earned $80 million -- there is one particular person that's making her push even harder: her mom, Andrea, who is battling cancer.

Despite the difficulties, Taylor and her family are remaining strong, and she cites her parents for raising her the right way -- a way that can only be helpful in the face of both the family's current struggles and Taylor's fame.

"I always felt really grateful for the way I was brought up," she tells ET. "My parents raised me always telling me that I was smart and special, and so when I didn't feel pretty or I didn't feel wanted at school or in social circles, I always still felt smart and special because of my parents."

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It's hard to believe that a woman who's not just on top of the music world but changing it ever had trouble speaking of, but she wasn't always so confident.

"I don't feel great when I am fed messages, and I was fed messages as a young girl that it is more important to be edgy and sexy and cool than anything else," Taylor explained to ET. "I don't think those are the right messages to feed girls, and I think they are given those messages by the popular cliques in their school, which is all kind of cascading down from the media and what we seem to prioritize in women."

"My life doesn’t gravitate towards being edgy, sexy or cool," she adds. "I'm imaginative, I'm smart and I'm hardworking."

Those are the true words of a powerful role model.

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