7 Reasons Why Patriots' Rob Gronkowski Is Hollywood's New Favorite Party Boy

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New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski, a.k.a. "Gronk," has been well-known amongst sports fans for years as a dominant, pass-catching tight end, who has been a key part of revolutionizing that position in professional football. He has also been known as perhaps the league’s most unapologetic party boy, with an affable frat bro persona he unabashedly flaunts to opponents and sideline reporters alike.


Since the Patriots' Super Bowl championship earlier this year, however, Hollywood finally seems to be taking note of the "Gronk" of it all, with a Pats cameo in the Entourage movie, a Gronk-centric Dunkin Donuts commercial, and even a Gronkowski brothers takeover on ABC’s Celebrity Family Feud.

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Check out seven reasons why Gronk is our new favorite party boy:

1. His Cameo in the Entourage Movie Is Perfection

Even with a gimpy arm, Gronk chugs a beer funnel and twerks on the deck of a yacht like it’s his job. It’s everything we wanted from the NFL’s King of the Bros.

2. He Parties With Bieber

Gronk and the Biebs have been spotted hanging out on multiple occasions, like this time they posed for pics in the locker room at a Clippers game.

(Come on, listen to that laugh at the end and tell me you don’t want to party with this guy.)

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3. He’ll Endorse Literally Anything

While appearing on a pre-Super Bowl edition of Conan’s "Clueless Gamer" segment, the Pats tight end made his move on the host’s advertising revenue. When Conan made an off-hand mention about ads for cholesterol drug Lipitor, Gronk was all in.


"You get money for Lipitor?" he asked Conan before turning to camera and repeating, "Lipitor! Lipitor!"

4. He Looks Out for His Boys

After goading a sideline reporter into calling him "the sexiest man on the New England Patriots" after a win against the Bills last fall, Gronk "humbly" turned the focus to his lineman.

"All the linemen are sexy," he said. "They got that sexy body and everything. They played a great job. They’re the ones who should get laid tonight, those linemen."

5. He Can Even Make a Cheesy Commercial Gig Look Like It's Tons of Fun

This summer, Gronk and Red Sox legend David "Big Papi" Ortiz were recruited to drop a "summer jam" for Boston-favorite Dunkin’ Donuts. Without a lick of musical chops between the two, the athletes some how made an otherwise-unbearable jingle seem like a minute-long party. What can we say? The kid’s got charisma.

Dunkin' Donuts

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6. He’s Not Afraid to Make Fun of Himself

Gronk even appeared on improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway? recently, and had no qualms about boogying down with the cast.

7. He Is, Quite Literally, a Party



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