Justin Bieber Stars in His Creepiest Photoshoot Yet, Says He Finished High School With a 4.0 GPA

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Justin Bieber still has the capacity to shock.

The 21-year-old singer covers the latest issue of Interview magazine, in which he's interviewed by Martha Stewart -- who hilariously roasted him in March -- but it's the photos that are raising a whole lot of eyebrows. Shot by famed photographer Steven Klein, Bieber looks disheveled in the Polaroid-style pics, going shirtless and holding a knife, and also wearing a pretty creepy clown mask at one point.

To call the pictures bizarre is an understatement.

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Interview Magazine
Interview Magazine
Interview Magazine

Justin chats about his humble beginnings with Martha, and despite becoming famous at just 13 years old, says he didn't drop out of school. In fact, it turns out he was quite the academic.

"No, I finished high school with a 4.0 GPA," he says.

Other impressive feats? Justin says he knows how to fly planes, and rents private jets in his "spare time."

"I've flown before, yeah," he says. "When I was going to Coachella, actually, I took a plane out. It was pretty scary, but it was fun."

He's also apparently smart with his money, investing in tech. "Just the fact that there's such a big return," he says about the appeal. "We've got someone who's very smart in that world who helps us figure out what's going to blow up and ... I don't know, I just like tech."

Interview Magazine
Interview Magazine

As for his love life, Justin says he's currently single, and obviously loving it. When Martha observes that he has "too many girlfriends to choose from," the Canadian superstar saves the modesty act and keeps it pretty real.

"I think so, too," he says. "I'm a pretty lucky guy."

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