Justin Timberlake Saves Alfonso Ribeiro's Mood By Awesomely Busting Into Classic 'Carlton Dance'

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Forget a hole-in-one -- you're not winning at golf (or life) until you've done the "Carlton Dance" on a golf course.

It helps, of course, if you're Justin Timberlake and Alfonso Ribeiro, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor who famously brought his fancy footwork to the '90s TV sitcom. 

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During the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, on Friday, JT put a little pep in Alfonso's step after the Fresh Prince star's woeful golf swing brought on a mood swing. 

If anyone knows how to say bye, bye, bye to the blues, though, it's Justin, and that's just what he did as he looked on and noticed Alfonso, 43, playfully sulking as a result of a shoddy shot. Justin couldn't save Alfonso's golf game, but as the two turned the fairway into their own dance floor -- complete with hip-swivelin' and arm swingin' -- it seems he definitely saved the fairway. Riberio even tweeted afterwards that he had a "great day."

As Justin and Alfonso rocked their bodies while simultaneously making all of our OG dreams come true, they ended their spontaneous dance break with the friendliest of high-fives.

Can every golf game please be as cool as this one?

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Justin Timberlake doesn't just know that the best way to avert a golf crisis is with the "Carlton" -- he also has a way with words:

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