Amy Schumer on Controversial 'Star Wars' Shoot: 'I Would Do It Again Right Now'

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Amy Schumer provoked the ire of Disney and some Star Wars fans when she posed in a number of raunchy photos with beloved characters from the franchise for GQ magazine. But Amy doesn’t seem to be too worried about the blowback.

Amy and her Trainwreck co-star Bill Hader sat down for an interview with the Australian morning radio program The Dan & Maz Show, where she admitted that the shoot wasn't her idea.

"But I wish it was," Amy explained. "And I would do it again right now."

Amy also shared that, while she wasn't trying to push any buttons, it was her idea to take her shirt off in the photo of her lying in bed naked with Star Wars droids C-3PO and R2D2.

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Now that Amy has angered some die-hard Star Wars fans, hosts Dan Debuf and Maz Compton convinced the 34-year-old comedian to take on the Harry Potter fanbase.

"Every time someone comes in, we get a photo," Dan explained, pulling out a Harry Potter Quidditch broom. "But for this one we demand that you dress as wizards.”

"You don't need to demand it, because I insist," Amy responded. And the group photo was totally awesome.


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Though with Amy keeping her clothes on, the Harry Potter fans might not flip out quite as hard as the Star Wars purists.

For more on Amy's racy GQ photo shoot and Disney's total condemnation, check out the video below.

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