To Celebrate Prince George's 2nd Birthday, We Picked His Two Cutest Photos Ever

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Birthday listicles when the birthday boy is only two years old should be easy. “2 Reasons We Love Prince George”? Simple. 1) He’s adorable. 2) He seems like he has a great personality. “Prince George’s 2 Biggest Contributions to Society”? Done. 1) He’s adorable. 2) He seems like he will be a benevolent ruler who will only behead a few people. But “Prince George’s 2 Cutest Pictures Ever”? ONLY TWO?

To celebrate the future king of England’s second birthday on Wednesday, we did the seemingly impossible task and picked Prince George’s two -- and only two -- cutest pictures from his two years on this planet. When there are as many adorable pictures as there are to choose from, it’s harder than it looks.

(That top photo one doesn’t count. Just consider it some bonus cuteness. Also, it’s the face we made when we finally narrow this down to two pictures.)

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In no particular order, here is Prince George’s first most adorable photo:

Getty Images

It seems like cheating -- because there are two cute babies included and two cute babies are always better than one -- but c’mon. This picture is all about Prince George. #NODISRESPECTTOPRINCESSCHARLOTTE He is giving her a little kiss! How sweet! And those socks!

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And the second one:

Getty Images

How could we not?! Could you image looking up at Buckingham Palace and seeing that face looking back at you? It might actually be the cutest photo ever, not just exclusively of Prince George. He's probably wearing those little socks here, too. 

All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Anyway, this post was nearly impossible to actually execute, so there’s a whole gallery of additional adorable pictures of Prince George below.

Plus, find out what sweet little nickname Prince William has for his son:

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