Nicki Minaj's Ex-Boyfriend Dropped a Diss Track About Her New Boyfriend, Meek Mill

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Well, this has gotten petty.

Meek Mill, one half of rap power couple Omeeka with girlfriend Nicki Minaj, went on a Twitter rant last week and, in addition to claiming Nicki’s labelmate, Drake, doesn’t write his own raps, said he thought her ex, Safaree Samuels, is gay.

“This n***a SB was twerking mannnnnnnn....” Meek tweeted. “i always thought u was gay letting Ya girl do all that sh)t with n***as while yall where together! Lol”

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A smooth week later -- and one day after Meek and Nicki dropped a PDA-filled music video -- Safaree finally responded with a diss track. “Twerk to that,” he tweeted.

The gist of the song is that Meek is only famous because of Nicki. “I'm in the back of her mind like a new n***a / I'm everywhere, TMZ making news n***a,” Safaree raps, ignoring the fact that the only reason TMZ is interviewing him is because of Nicki.

Of Nicki, who Safaree dated for over a decade, he raps, “I thought I left her so she could move on to better things / Maybe a ball player, maybe a soccer player / Maybe a billionaire, like a Mariah Care / But n***a I don't care, I really do not care.” (Which is weirdly...thoughtful, considering he also claims in the song that he wrote her bars. Though he was previously adamant that he didn’t write for her, so.)

Then there’s this elementary insult leveled at Meek: “In every pic you look surprised, all you do is stare / You out of shape anyway, you need to eat a pear.” Good one...

Meek’s only response has been this cryptic tweet:

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Meek has been particularly inspiring lately, as Drake also dropped a diss track, “Charged Up.” Though, Drake managed to drop his in the same calendar week as the diss happened...

“Wow, I’m honored that you think this is staged I’m flattered man, in fact, I’m amazed,” he raps on the track. “Done doing favors for people / Cause it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature / I see you n****s having trouble going gold / Turning into some so and so’s that no one knows.”

Meek subtweeted back:

Still, he publicly apologized to Nicki onstage during one of her concerts -- he’s her opening act -- for his “crazy ass going crazy on Twitter." And though he doubled down on his claims that Drake doesn’t write his own raps, said, "Let him be great in all the mother f**king lanes he's great in.”

Speaking of Safaree, here’s what happened last time he made Nicki mad:

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