Mariah Carey Rents Impressive Malibu Mansion -- From Airbnb!

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Apparently Mariah Carey is just like us -- as much as Mariah Carey can, you know, be just like us.

The 45-year-old singer is shacking up in style on the famed "Billionaire's Beach" of Malibu thanks to social lodging site Airbnb.

You read that right. Carey used Airbnb to rent a home. And you can too! Just maybe not this home...

Taking up residence alongside equally wealthy neighbors like David Geffen and Charlize Theron, the singer is living at the beachside abode with her kids -- 4-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-husband Nick Cannon -- and new billionaire beau James Packer. Carey and her crew are expected to stay in this opulent mansion until the end of August, when she'll jet off to Israel for a concert.

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The four-bedroom, four-bathroom beachfront property is listed for rent on Airbnb at the shockingly reasonable rate of only $10,000 per night.


The owners shared many details of the space for potential renters, including its living room with a fireplace, large entertaining bar, indoor/outdoor spa jacuzzi, high ceilings and walls of French doors.


The house is also decked out with a gourmet kitchen that includes an open see-through fireplace to the dining area and a private master suite with a fireplace, office, sitting room and large luxurious bath suite with a beach-facing balcony.


Yes, that is all in one suite.

Plus there's a bonus feature: A two room guest cottage with a garden-facing master bedroom, full bathroom, living/media room and an extra pull-out sofa bed.

Ah yes, that extra sofa pullout. I'm sure that makes all the difference in the world. Without a pullout bed, $10K a night would seem ridiculous!

The home features a surprisingly tasteful arrangement of seaside views and classic decor that's s all very impressive -- until you glimpse that indoor pool/hot tub/swamp.


It just looks like the room flooded and they decided to write "spa" on the door instead of cleaning it up. What an eyesore on an otherwise classical pad!

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Airbnb also lists safety precautions in the form of carbon monoxide detectors, so we can be sure the Carey family will be protected from America's silent killer. Only the finest precautions for this $30 million property!

If you've been racking up No. 1 hit songs for more than 25 years, you deserve nothing less, no?

Unfortunately, there are no user reviews on the property yet, which means either no one else has had the capital to pull off this kind of stay or that Airbnb users of Mariah's status don't take the time to leave public Internet feedback.

Mariah, if you're reading this, we really want to hear your review. Please go full Yelp lunatic on it, if at all possible. Don't be afraid to make it weirdly personal and rambly.

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Mariah has been performing in Las Vegas as of late -- a mere 300 miles from her Malibu rental -- doing a run of show's at Caesar's Palace. She's also been navigating a divorce from Cannon. In her latest track, "Infinity," she attacks his fame with the line, "Boy you actin' so corny like Fritos / Wouldn't have none of that without me, though," which probably hurts only slightly less than flaunting a Malibu mansion she's sharing with her new boy toy.

Get a glimpse of Mariah's Vegas residency in the video below.

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