Ice T and Coco Are Having a Baby Girl! And Her Name Is...


Just one week after announcing they're expecting, Ice T and Coco Austin have now revealed three more baby bombshells!

On Monday, the couple shared that they’re having a baby girl during the premiere episode of their new daytime talk show, Ice & Coco. But that's not all, folks!

Not only did fans learn that Coco is 21 weeks -- aka five months -- along in her pregnancy and barely has a baby bump, the daytime duo also revealed that they have already picked out a name for their little girl.

WATCH: Ice T and Coco Are Having a Baby!

"We've already got a name!" Ice T said to the cheering studio audience. "The girl's name is Chanel." Aww, Coco and Chanel.

We're loving the homage to the late fashion designer Coco Chanel, but we've got to be honest: We're a little disappointed that they're baby girl isn't going to continue the tradition of having a beverage-related first name. We think Lemonade could have been an adorable choice!

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