Miranda Lambert Finds Comfort in Lisa Frank

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Lisa Frank forever!

Any '90s kid worth their weight in Pogs can tell you that Lisa Frank was everything. Her neon, glittery images of happy kittens, gumball machines and unicorns were the only reason we ever opened our Trapper Keepers. In fact, every school in America should thank Frank.

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There is one specific person who's thanking the artist today -- Miranda Lambert!

The now-single country crooner was gifted with a ton of brightly hued Lisa Frank presents, including a fuzzy onesie that Lambert was rocking in an Instagram photo featuring all of her brand new swag.

"The cats out of the bag!" Lambert said. "Thank you @lisafranklove for all the goodies!!!! I'm gonna use my coloring books on the way to the show today! #crayonsandbeer #thecatspajamas."

She may be 31, but Lambert will never be too old for Lisa Frank. No one is! Seriously, just ask Mila Kunis.

The "Automatic" singer has had a rough few weeks since splitting from husband Blake Shelton, but if there is anything that can make a gal feel better, it's coloring in adorable puppies while drinking coffee out of a unicorn-and-rainbow mug and listening to songs on bright leopard print speakers and cuddling with neon stuffed animal leopards and tigers.

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Plus, if her hashtag means anything, that coffee will turn into beer later on, and therefore, Lambert is about to have the best day ever.

If you've also been having a tough time lately, just make like Lambert and stare at these glorious images for a while, because they'll remind you that cute things make everyone feel better:

That patriotism comes in all colors, including shades of neon:

That it's always a good time to unleash your creative streak:

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That you're a bad-ass:

That sugar solves all problems:

And that unicorns and kittens can be BFFs:

Now, if only we could all be besties with Lambert and steal borrow that onesie.

At least her awesome toys give new meaning to "living off caffeine and sad songs." Find out where Lambert originally talked about that breakup survival strategy in the video below.

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