Here's the Shirtless Chris Hemsworth Scene You Didn't Get to See in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

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The Avengers cast promised Age of Ultronwould be bigger and better than the first. Whether it was actually better or not, you can decide for yourself, but they definitely delivered on being bigger. It had evil robots trying to destroy the world! And new superheroes with cool new superhero powers! And Thor (Chris Hemsworth) traipsing around a cave trying to figure out something or another that might have to do with Loki? Or not?

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Director Joss Whedon previously said that aforementioned cave scene was severely cut down for the final edit. Now, we have the extended version.

For Marvel nerds, it includes coveted plot details about the norn caves and Infinity Stones. For everyone else, it’s two minutes of SHIRTLESS CHRIS HEMSWORTH:

Marvel Studios

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He’s possessed, talking in a demonic voice, and getting struck by lightning...

Marvel Studios

But shirtless nonetheless!

Marvel Studios

Not that we didn’t just see pictures of him shirtless and surfing in dangerous, shark-infested waters, but we’ll take all the shirtless Hemsworth we can get. More of this in Thor: Ragnarock, please!

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