EXCLUSIVE: Here's What Happened When the Voice of 'Aladdin' Took His Own Kid to See the Movie

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“Well, maybe I won’t tell them!”

That’s what Scott Weinger, the original voice of Aladdin and -- fun fact! -- Steve from Full House, told ET back in 1992, when we asked him how he would feel showing the Disney animated film to his own kids someday. He smiled then shrugged, “No, I think that would be great.”

Now, as Disney gets set to release The Diamond Edition of Aladdin on Oct. 13, Weinger finally got the chance to show his son, Mischa, the movie. And he still remembers what he said over two decades ago.

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“I got the part when I was 15 years old. The whole idea of being an adult, being a grown-up, having my own kid, was so incomprehensible to me,” Weinger recalled on the red carpet at a screening of the movie at The Walt Disney Studios on Sept. 27.

“I said, ‘Oh, maybe I won’t even show him!' he continued. "The irony is, my son is about to turn six and he’s never seen the movie.”

In fact, Mischa was a bit confused about his dad’s relation to Aladdin. “When he was two or three he thought, ‘Oh, daddy’s Aladdin. Daddy was a cartoon when he was a kid,’” he explained with a laugh. “I think he thought that those were actually pictures of me when I was a child.”

Now, not only does Mischa understand that it's just a movie, but he’s seen it. His review? “I’m really proud of my dad. He was so good,” he adorably said. “Aladdin was awesome!”