Demi Lovato Drives Around British Schoolgirls and Dishes on Her Famous Friends


The pop star reveals if Iggy Azalea's booty is au natural.

Demi Lovato had her hands full when she agreed to carpool some kids home from school in the U.K.

Not only did she have to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road than she's used to, she was also grilled by the schoolgirls about her personal life and her famous friends. It didn't help that BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw was prodding the students to ask the tough questions.

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That all being said, the "Cool For the Summer" singer remained cool as a cucumber during what could have been a rather stressful interview.

When asked if her friend Iggy Azalea's butt was au natural, Lovato assured her young fans that the "Fancy" rapper had nothing enhanced on her bum. "Real sexy! She's real," the 23-year-old insisted. "Her butt's real. It's all good."

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In a game of "Snog, Marry and Avoid," Lovato was given the option of Nick Jonas, Nick Grimshaw and Nicki Minaj. The pop star said she would marry her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas' brother Nick, snog Minaj and avoid Grimshaw.

Lovato recently chatted with ET about another one of her pals, Selena Gomez. "I really want to hear her new music," she said of the singer's upcoming album Revival. "I like new stuff."