Maggie Q Says She and Dylan McDermott Are 'Taking Their Time' With Wedding Plans

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Maggie Q looked stunning as ever at PETA’s 35th anniversary event in Hollywood, California on Wednesday night, but the Divergent series star was without her number one accessory: fiance Dylan McDermott.

"I'm so lucky now," the 36-year-old actress told ET with a laugh. "I have him now, I don't have to accessorize! I’ve got the one accessory and I'm good."

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Q, who got engaged to her 56-year-old Stalker co-star earlier this year, said the couple isn’t in any rush to lock down wedding plans.

"We're just taking our time, which is really nice," she mused. "I think it's nice when you both have the time to plan together. That means everything."

The actress -- who is currently in production on the dark comedy The Brits Are Coming -- was honored by PETA with a humanitarian award at Wednesday’s event and opened up to ET about what the animal rights organization means to her.

"This group changed my life," she said. "PETA was the actual group that changed my whole image about what it meant -- preservation, rights, defense of animals -- it means a lot for me to be here tonight."

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The organization sometimes comes under fire for their aggressive tactics, but Q told ET that they’re doing important work.

"PETA has never been afraid to be out there and be outspoken for animals and I think that because of their threats they have been able to make fundamental changes in the way people see the treatment of animals," she explained. "That, to me, means everything tonight."

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