Katy Perry Reveals Her Taste in Men: 'I'm Not into That F**kboy Look'

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Don't be too groomed if you want to get with Katy Perry.

The 30-year-old pop star is talking all things beauty with Glamour, including her preferred look on a man.

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"If your teeth and nails are good, you're a candidate," Katy says. "If you can't clean under your nails and you want to touch me, forget it. And personally, the less hair, the better."

"I like a trimmed man but not completely waxed," she adds. "I'm not into that f**kboy look."

Although there are two definitions of the slang term "f**kboy" commonly used -- one being a weak male, and the second more recent version being a man who sleeps with a women without any wanting a relationship with them -- we're going to guess she means the latter.

Katy also dishes about her own everyday look, including the key makeup products she uses.

"I'm Katy Perry onstage. At home I’m Katheryn Hudson," she explains. "I've created this cartoon look when performing, but offstage I don't always have three hours to put it together. That’s when I'm just about lashes, shaping my brows, and more natural skin. I use CoverGirl mascara, and I like lash extensions too -- they make you feel like Bambi. Then a nice bronzer and a good powder. I just learned how to shade a little bit so you slim your face down and take care of your undercarriage underneath your chin."

As for what she considers to be her "favorite flaw," she surprisingly gives a non-beauty related answer despite the Q&A theme.

"Well, I don’t know everything; I don’t have a great education," she admits. "Some would consider asking questions about mundane things or what a word means a flaw, but I love that I do that."

Last September, Katy opened up about having to educate herself later in life.

"In my late 20s, I've educated myself more than I did growing up because I wasn't able to have a great education," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I was taken out of school, put in these weird, janky, kind-of-not-really schools.

"[That's why] I've always been very attracted to gentlemen who have quite large vocabularies," she added. "One of my favorite apps is the Dictionary.com app."

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