Taylor Swift's 50 Most Important Instagrams to Celebrate Her 50 Million Followers


Taylor Swift
’s squad is now 50 million strong.

The singer just passed the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé to become the most followed person on Instagram. “50 million followers!! Thanks so much guys,” she wrote. “I'm pretty sure this is just because I have cute cats though.”

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Sure, the cats are part of it, but it’s also #SquadGoals, Calvin Harris, and so much more! To celebrate, we scrolled back through all of Taylor’s Instas -- all the way back to when she was using the Toaster filter! A simpler time! -- and picked the 50 most important:

1. Her very first Instagram, ever:

2. The first time we met her cat, Meredith Grey:

3. And the first time we met her other cat, Olivia Benson:

4. The first time Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) met Olivia Benson:

5. And every cat picture and video since:

6. Seriously.

7. Every.

8. Single.

9. One.

10. She truly is a cat lady we all aspire to be:

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11. Even if it hurts:

12. Not so much with dogs:

13. Or rude ass goats:

14. The time she and her brother started fighting during an Easter egg hunt:

15. And the time she won an Emmy:

All she needs is an Oscar and Tony now!

16. The time she had to go to the airport early in the morning and felt the same way we all feel about going to the airport early in the morning:

17. That time she made cookies and we all FREAKED OUT about it:

18. And this:

19. Then there’s the throwback pics:

20. The #TBTs:

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21. The #FBFs:

22. This one is kind of a humblebrag too:

23. The time she made fun of her own fashion sense:

24. And the time she dressed up as herself (aka a unicorn):

25. The time she wore a hand knit sweater a fan made her:

26. And the time she was fine with what she was wearing, TYVM:

27. That time Cara Delevingne stole Taylor’s phone and took a bunch of boob selfies (belfies?):

28. And every other time we felt #SquadGoals. Be it Victoria’s Secret models:

29. Or the HAIM sisters:

30. Victoria’s Secret models AND the HAIM sisters:

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31. Lorde! Serayah from Empire!

32. Hailee Steinfeld! Sarah Hyland!


34. And the ultimate #BFFGoals. Remember when Taylor and Karlie Kloss went on the chicest road trip ever together?!

35. Aww, remember when she was besties with Ed Sheeran?

36. That was cute:

37. And it still is:

38. That time she hung out with Beyoncé:

39. That other time she hung out with Beyoncé:

40. And that time she wished Beyoncé a happy birthday and we were like, WE GET IT YOU KNOW BEYONCÉ:

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41. The time Kanye West sent her flowers because they’re friends now too:

42. When she announced that she was going to be godmother to Jaime King’s baby and we seethed with jealousy:

We want to be that baby.

43. And then when Taylor met that baby and we thought it was very cute:

44. Just like every time Taylor posts an Instagram with a friend's baby:

45. Or any kid really. We’re not picky. We’ll take Taylor and a 7-year-old:

46. Last but definitely not least, every picture she posts with Calvin Harris:

47. !!!

48. !!!

49. !!!


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