Kanye West Goes on an Epic Twitter Rant Over Daughter North's App Spending Spree

Silicon Valley better watch out.

Kanye West has a new target for his very vocal opinions: Online gaming companies.

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His 2-year-old daughter, North, went on a shopping spree while playing games on his iPad -- and that did not make him happy. West, 38, took to Twitter to give online gaming companies a piece of his mind. "F**k any game company that puts in-app purchases on kids games!!!" he ranted. "That makes no sense!!! We give the iPad to our child and every 5 minutes there's a new purchase!!!"

The "All Day" rapper added, "If a game is made for a 2 year old, just allow them to have fun and give the parents a break for Christ sake."

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West isn't the only celebrity whose child went crazy with buying apps. Actor Jack Black was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in May and went on a more light-hearted rant when he talked about his 8-year-old son, Sammy, racking up over $3,000 on in-app purchase on his iPad.

With another baby on the way, Kanye and his wife, Kim, might have their hands full when it comes to making sure his kids don't go on spending sprees. Find out when we can expect to meet West's son in the video below.