Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga Blame Each Other For Teresa's Imprisonment

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It looks like a storm is brewing between the Giudice and Gorga families.

Things got really awkward really fast when Teresa Giudice's husband Joe and her brother Joe Gorga sat down with Andy Cohen on Sunday's Watch What Happens Live andrevealed that they each blame each other for Teresa's prison sentence.

The episode aired immediately after the premiere of the three-part special Teresa Checks In, which follows the 43-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey star's life behind bars while serving a 15-month sentence after being convicted, along with her husband, of multiple counts of fraud.

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The first part of the special hinted that the famously feuding Giudices and Gorgas may have been slowly but surely rebuilding their relationship in the wake of Teresa's incarceration. However, their adversarial showdown on WWHL could destroy any progress towards reconciliation.

When Cohen asked Gorga if he blamed Giudice for his sister going to jail, he replied, "Yes, who else am I going to blame?"

Gorga's answer appeared to surprise Giudice, who didn't understand why he was the target of his brother-in-law's blame.

"I don't know why he would blame me," Giudice responded, "but everybody's got their own opinion."

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Despite Cohen's attempts to move the conversation into less uneasy territory, Giudice wasn't ready to let the point drop. He quickly came back to place the blame on Gorga's shoulders.

"I would blame more him than anybody, coming on the show and talking all the crap he talked, you know, all the years everything going on, so I would more blame him than me," Giudice said, adding, "When you get a fire going and you add a little gasoline, it doesn't make it any better."

Giudice, 43, and Gorga, 36, appeared to try and laugh off the exchange and remain good natured, but it seems that tension is still running high between the families.

The Twitterverse also seems to be blaming Teresa's husband for her imprisonment. "We got a lot of angry Twitter users who think you should accept responsibility for Teresa," Cohen told Giudice.

The father-of-four responded, "I disagree with that because I did take full responsibility prior to that, before any of this ever happened. It just so happened the way it did. But I had to take full responsibility for everything."

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Teresa's, who's been serving time in a Connecticut prison since January, is set to be released in December, after which her husband is set to begin his 41-month sentence. The couple took a plea that would allow them to serve time separately so that one of them would be able to care for their children.

Recently, Joe Giudice sat down with ET to talk about how his wife has been keeping her spirits up in prison, and the impact her time behind bars has had on their children. Here's the RHONJ's life behind bars: