Selena Gomez Reveals Her Favorite Taylor Swift Song, Admits Her Hair Is 'Very Fake'


Maybe Selena Gomez should have named her new album Revelation?

Because the singer’s press tour for Revival, the actual name of the album, has been filled with all sorts of juicy reveals -- like when she addressed those lesbian rumors, or when she admitted that her gay friends encouraged her to date Nick Jonas.

Now? That her hair is “very fake.”

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Selena appeared on YouTuber Lilly Singh’s (aka IISuperwomanII) channel to play “The Newly Friend Game.” Towards the end of the video, the two discuss Singh’s hair, to which the host says, “By the way, it’s not fake.” Selena tugs it to check. “Selena Gomez has confirmed that my hair is not fake.”

“Mine, however, is very fake,” Selena says with a laugh.

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Elsewhere in the game, Selena revealed that her favorite Taylor Swift song is either “Wildest Dreams” or “Bad Blood” (the latter of which might have something to do with her being in the music video).

She also explained why “Kill Em With Kindness” is her favorite song off her new album, as well as the approach she takes towards haters.

“That’s just always been what my mom embedded in me,” she says. “You have to wake up with yourself every morning and people are going to give you their worst, and it’s so easy to be mean. I’m Latin, I can be mean really fast if I want. But I just don’t feel good about myself. I think people need to hear a message like this.”

Now, hear Selena open up about how she learned to embrace her sexuality: