This 4-Year-Old Girl Loves CVS So Much That She Had a CVS-Themed Birthday Party

Sarah Fortune

Four-year-old Iris Gill of Fayetteville, Arkansas has one true love. Like every other girl her age, that love is CVS. Yes, the pharmacy CVS.

Like, Iris loooooves CVS. Which is well documented on her mom’s Instagram.

“She would literally cry for us to go to the store,” her mom, Sarah Fortune Gill, tells ET. “We drive past it every day to and from her school, so she asks to go all the time. When we stop, she goes straight for the snacks and juice and is in heaven."

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When it came time to throw Iris a fourth birthday party, she obviously said that she wanted a CVS-themed birthday party. And that is exactly what she got.

Sarah Fortune

Sarah says planning the party wasn’t exactly easy though. “You have to get creative, because when you Google ‘CVS birthday party’ you just get links to buy birthday party supplies on their website,” she tells us. “I had to think outside of the box and ended up having a lot of fun with it!”

She says her favorite parts of the party were the CVS stand for the kids and the CVS punch for the adults.

Sarah Fortune

CVS caught wind of the party and even sent along some swag for the birthday girl and her friends, Sarah writes on her blog, including snacks and supplies.

Sarah Fortune

And they even gave Iris a shout-out on her local store’s light-up sign!

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“Iris's favorite thing by far was the CVS birthday cake, which she requested,” Sarah says. “I wasn't really sure what that entailed, but I got creative with it and she really loved it, which is all that matters.”

When the party was over, they even handed out CVS goodie bags to the guests, complete with lip balm and bandages and a custom birthday receipt.

Sarah Fortune

“Everyone was really sweet and played along, with lots of them giving her gifts from her favorite store,” Sarah recalls. In the end, she says, “Iris had a blast and so did the guests!"

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