EXCLUSIVE: Bob Barker Opens Up About Nasty Fall: 'The Good Lord Was Watching Over Me'

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Legendary game show host Bob Barker found himself in the hospital last week after he fell and hit his head in the front yard of his Hollywood Hills home.

Recovering steadily from his injuries, the 91-year-old former host of The Price is Rightinvited ET's Nischelle Turner to his home on Monday where he opened up about the nasty spill which he suffered on Oct. 20.

"I just went for a little stroll. Harmless," Barker explained, "and I ended up in the hospital."

Leading Turner around the front of his house where the incident took place, Barker detailed the events that led up to his injury. According to Barker, he was walking when he stubbed his toe on a bit of cement sticking up in his path.

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"I started to fall forward, and I didn't want to land on the cement so I twisted and landed right over here but my head was on the cement and so I cut my head all up and cut my knee and scraped it," Barker explained.

When Barker fell, two LAPD officers happen to be driving by and saw the beloved TV personality tumble to the floor. Acting quickly, the officers exited their vehicle and proceeded to tend to Barker's wounds until emergency services arrived.

"They had me out of here and to the emergency hospital in no time at all," Barker recounted, thankfully. "I'm telling you the good Lord was watching over me."

Barker recalled his visit to the hospital, which lasted three to four hours as doctors did x-rays on his arms, his ribs and his skull. But in the end, aside from a number of lacerations to his head, Barker didn't have any serious injuries.

"No bones broken at all," Barker explained. "It was very fortunate from stand point of a tough fall like that at my age."

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In the wake of his accident, Barker revealed that he received an outpouring of concern, sympathy and support from people all across the nation who wanted to share their love and well wishes.

"I heard from people all over the country!" Barked said. "They were calling me and they all figured, you know, that [a guy my age] falling on a cement sidewalk -- that the guy is probably finished."

But Barker is far from "finished." A week after his frightening spill and subsequent trip to the emergency room, Barker says that he's feeling fine.

"I'm really feeling pretty good today. I've been a little sore for a couple days but I feel pretty good today," he shared, adding that he credits his quick recovery, in large part, to his healthy lifestyle.

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"I think that at my age two things are terribly important: nutrition and exercise," Barker said. "Well at any age, but it's more important for old people. If you don't exercise you're going to end up like this you know?"

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For more on Barker's dangerous spill and his speedy recovery, watch the video below.