Sandra Bullock Says Flashing Her A** in 'Our Brand Is Crisis' Got 'Ugly'

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Someone was obviously feeling a bit cheeky. 

Sandra Bullock has revealed that she did not have a stunt butt double for a mooning scene in her new movie, Our Brand Is Crisis. In fact, she had zero qualms about flashing her co-stars that day on set.

In the film, the 51-year-old actress plays a campaign strategist who sticks her rear end out a bus window to moon her political competitor, played by Billy Bob Thornton.

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Bullock admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that she's usually pretty conservative, but, for some reason, her modesty went out the window (literally!) when she filmed this scene. "I was just dropping trou and hanging it out the window, not even thinking who's on the other side to see that mess," the Oscar winner quipped.

She added with a shrug, "It was just ugly."

Bullock appeared with her Our Brand Is Crisis co-stars, Anthony Mackie and Thornton, on Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and they too spilled some secrets.

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In a game of "Never Have I Ever," both Mackie and Thornton confessed that they have had sex on the beach before, and that they have "hooked up" in the back of a limo. Bullock denied doing any of these acts.

However, when it came to the question of whether the co-stars had ever lied to a cop, they all confessed to doing that.

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See what else Bullock confessed to while on the Ellen show: