Oprah Reveals Her Favorite Things for 2015 - Including a Faux-Fur Dog Jacket

How much would you need to buy everything on this list?

If you were to purchase everything on Oprah Winfrey's Favorite Things list this year, we estimate it'd cost you over $12,000.

While the beloved gift guide does feature discount codes, some of the items are a little pricey, and a little ridiculous. "I've been picking my Favorite Things for more than 20 years," Oprah reveals in the new issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. "But this year's list just might be the most versatile and fun ever."

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One gift Oprah endorses is the Park Avenue Faux-Fur Pet Jacket in Chinchilla -- and it's only $40, which will feel like a steal after seeing her nail polish set for $150.

O Magazine

"What's your dog begging for? Surely, a faux-fur jacket -- tricked out with a jeweled button closure and a practical opening for a leash," Oprah quips in the description of the coat. "I would have put this on my dogs when I lived in Chicago."

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As for Hanukkah, Oprah and the magazine's creative director, Adam Glassman, are all about an edible menorah. "Adam Glassman is always kvetching about the lack of cute Hanukkah treats," the Queen of Talk writes. "So he was thrilled to find this braided challah menorah. A bright addition to the Festival of Lights."

Oprah is munching on Torres' Black Truffle Chips this holiday season. "This I vouch for 1000%," she raves. "These are dangerous, dangerously good."

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For the kid in your life, she suggests the new Barbie Fashionista collection of dolls ($10) that come in 23 hair colors, 18 eye colors, 14 face shapes and 8 skin tones. "Hello Chocolate Barbie!" Oprah writes excitedly. "Oh, I love Barbies of mixed races.”

As for relaxing, Oprah endorses a Peace Love World's shirt. "I love the 'I Love Sunday' T-shirt," she reveals. "I wear it on Sundays."

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Her best friend, Gayle King, jokes, "Well, I wear mine on Saturday. You can wear it any day."

Other eccentric gifts on the list include personalized hardwood cutting boards ($159), engraved ornaments for your pets ($24), a super-sleek fitness tracker ($150), salt ($49) and new Ugg boots ($160).

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