Little Mix in Love! Jesy Nelson Shares Wedding Plans, Perrie Edwards Is 'Single and Ready to Mingle'

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Love is in the air for the girls of Little Mix!

Their new album,Get Weird, is out now, and they have a very special wedding to look forward to.

"We're just enjoying being engaged at the moment!" Jesy Nelson tells ET in a new interview. The 24-year-old is newly engaged to Rixton's Jake Roche, after a swoon-worthy proposal involving Ed Sheeran.

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"I did want a big wedding, but then I've decided I'm not too sure," Nelson confessed, revealing that she has a hometown affair in mind. "I like intimate weddings."

Nelson is taking a decidedly laid-back approach to planning her nuptials, including a relaxed dress code for her Little Mix bridesmaids.

"I wouldn't be a bridezilla," says Nelson. "I wouldn't be like, 'You've got to wear this!' I think I'd like a color scheme, but other than that... If you want to wear a suit, wear a suit. If you want to wear a skirt, wear a skirt."

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"Yeah, it needs to look neat!" Perrie Edwards excitedly chimes in, obviously thrilled to be a part of Nelson's big day -- and to get back into the dating scene after the end of her own engagement to Zayn Malik earlier this year.

"I've read a lot of stuff saying that I'm dating on Instagram, which I'm not," she says. "Me and Jade [Thirlwall] are both single and ready to mingle and just have fun!"

Guys, take notes! ET found out exactly what these beauties are looking for in their next love interest.

"Oh, just somebody that has a penis," Thirlwall jokes. "If you've got a pulse and you're male..."

"She's joking!" exclaims Edwards, with chatter building among the girls. "She likes confident men," Nelson adds of Thirlwall. "But not overly confident that it's cringe."

"You, on the other hand," teases Leigh-Anne Pinnock, gesturing towards Edwards. "Pretty boys!"

"Dirty-looking pretty boys," Edwards clarifies. "A pretty boy under the mess."

Yep, Edwards has a type -- and a very handsome celebrity crush. Find out who it is in the video above!

If you've ever been in the same room as the girls of Little Mix (or even watched their hilarious videos on YouTube), you know it's a whirlwind-like experience. There's rapid-fire banter, random dance moves and lots of laughter. Basically, they're the squad we all want to be a part of. Now, the ladies are embracing their weirdness more than ever on Get Weird.

"We want to bring out the inner weirdness in everyone," says Thirlwall.

"I think we're all equally as weird as each other," adds Edwards. "We just have fun, don't we, girls? We had a lot of fun when we wrote this album. We were writing it for a year, so we took a big bit of time out. We just had such a laugh in the studio and we're just so proud of this album. [It’s] very fun, very colorful, very pop."

To learn more about Get Weird, tune in to Entertainment Tonighton Saturday, Nov. 14.

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