Serena Williams Thought of Oprah's Advice After a Man Tried to Steal Her Phone

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Serena Williams admits that she "wasn't thinking" when she went after a man who had taken her phone.

"My instincts were just there," the 34-year-old tennis pro revealed at The Fast Company Innovation Festival on Wednesday. "This guy was standing at the table and something told me to move my phone."

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Serena didn't move her phone, and, looking back, she was reminded of something Oprah Winfrey once said.

"She said that women are too nice and too kind," she explained. "Like, 'Oh, I don't want to upset him.' So, that's what I thought. 'I don't want him to think I'm moving my phone for him.' I was just in that nice moment. ...When I look away, he picked it up and left."

That's when she took off after him. "Without thinking, I wouldn't recommend this to, I just jumped outside," she recalled. "Then when I got out there, I was like, 'Oh my God. This could be it!'"

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"Something told me to be super nice," Serena continued. "I was like, 'Did you accidentally take my phone by chance?' He was like, 'Oh no.' He was looking in his pockets and he pulls it out of his sleeve."

One person that wasn't impressed with Serana's superhero story was her father. "The next day, he was like, 'Serena, if you need a phone, I'll buy you three or four phones. Please don't do that again.'"

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