EXCLUSIVE: Inside Sofia Vergara's Big Bucks Pre-Wedding Beauty Routine

Sofia Vergara's intense wedding prep definitely isn't cheap.

It's safe to say Sofia Vergara is going to be one beautiful bride.

The stunning 43-year-old Modern Family actress is set to marry Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello at The Breakers Palm Beach resort in Florida on Sunday, and ET sat down with her dermatologist, Dr. Dendy E. Engelman, to get the scoop on how Vergara is preparing for her big day.

Engelman has been treating Vergara since 2011, and described the actress as "down to earth" and "one of the kindest people" she's ever treated. Engelman revealed that the star's beauty prep actually started two months ago.

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"Two months before, we started with a skin firming for her décolleté and arms -- not that she really needs it -- but it helps just to have the firmness of the skin that you're going to expose," Engelman said, naming Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream ($110).

But the more intense treatments happen a month before the wedding.

"A month out we start with a laser called Intense Pulsed Light (about $300 to $600 per treatment) which helps to target red and brown spots, and helps to make the skin look fresh and very luminous -- that way we have plenty of time for recovery in case there's a spot that's trying to flake off," she explained. "I also start with a regimen of the Natura Bisse Enzyme Peel ($150) which helps just to accelerate cell turnover and make our skin look really glowing, and then I also like to recommend from Natura Bisse the Diamond Life Infusion Serum ($590) which helps to build collagen and makes the skin look bright and fresh."

"[I also use] NuGene Universal Serum ($300) which has fat direct stem cells, which help to pump the skin and really help focus on wrinkles, so that would be four to six weeks out before the wedding."

Engelman touted the OxyLight facial ($500 per session) as one of the most effective treatments done on Vergara, which her aesthetician does a week before the wedding.

"A week out we've treated Sofia with the OxyLight facial that my aesthetician Edyta does ... you've got a myriad of treatments [in one] that are really going to help, and they can step right out of this room and look red carpet ready."

Engelman revealed Vergara has sensitive skin, so the day before, she plans to use SkinCeuticals' Phyto Corrective Gel ($62) to help with redness.

"Little known fact, Sophia has pretty sensitive skin for being Latin so she tends to flush a little bit," she explained. " ... That's great for sun exposure as well."

The day of the wedding is reserved just for tanning.

"Day of, I do appreciate that despite her Colombian roots, she does protect her skin, so she has a very famous and favorite self-tanner called Vita Liberata Mousse ($43) ... and then just a body shimmer by Moroccanoil ($48) which will help give a beautiful glow to her, and she's ready to walk down the aisle," she said.

Added up all together -- and not counting that Vergara could very likely multiple sessions of the same treatment -- the cost is approximately $2,303.

"This is thousands of dollars," Engelman admitted of the actress' wedding prep. "And the answer when you say, 'What does it cost to be a celebrity?,' the answer is, 'a lot.' People who are invested in their appearance, frequently will invest a lot in it -- not that she needs to, but it's certainly not without a price."

As for what Vergara's highly anticipated wedding dress will look like, Engelman would only give a hint.

"She obviously flaunts her figure on the red carpet, so I think we'll probably see a little of that with the décolleté and the back exposed," she said. "But she has beautiful shoulders. She actually has the prettiest hands I've ever seen."

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ET caught up with Martha Stewart Weddings Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Graves in August -- which Vergara recently posed for -- who dished that the star's nuptials will be attended by 300 guests.

"She's going to have a lot of people coming in from South America and from Europe," Graves said. "During our interview, Sofia joked that Reese Witherspoon had initially offered to help and then realized how many people were actually coming and balked at the idea of helping. She chickened out a little."

Vergara got engaged to Manganiello last Christmas. Sunday's nuptials will mark her second wedding -- she was previously married to her high-school sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez, though they divorced in 1993 -- and the first for the 38-year-old former True Blood star.

Watch the video below for more details on Vergara and Manganiello's big day.