Joe Jonas Is Optimistic About a Jonas Brothers Reunion: 'It Could Easily Happen'

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Never say never!

Joe Jonas isn't anyway -- not when it comes to getting back into the studio with his brothers, Nick and Kevin.

"It's easy to say we're done and that we're never doing it again, but then we both look at each other and go, 'We obviously get along,'" Joe reveals in a new interview with PrideSource. "And who knows -- years from now we could be like, 'All right, let's make a record.'"

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So, could Jonas Brothers be reuniting?! "It could easily happen," he proclaims.

The three brothers disbanded in October 2013, when Nick told People, "We're closing a chapter for sure."

The split, according to their spokesperson at the time, was due to a "deep rift within the band," which caused them to cancel their tour two days before it was scheduled to kick off.

What has healed the brothers?

"Time itself," Joe admits in the interview.

In fact, it seems like the past is already behind them. Despite their own music projects -- Nick, 23, is heating up the charts as a solo artist, and Joe, 26, is on tour with his new disco-funk band, DNCE -- the two brothers are already concocting their next move together.

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"Nick and I have a few ideas to work with other artists who we really like," Joe says. "There are a couple of artists out there that we think are really incredible that we'd like to work together with. … There could be something that comes along our way that we might say, 'You know, let's try working on this song together.'"

Joe also spilled on other aspects of his life, including those "difficult" teen years. "Being in the situation that my brothers and I were in for so many years… you're a bit worried or nervous that you might say or do something that could set off fireworks."

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Now, as the "risk-taker out of the brothers," he says that he's as freewheeling as ever.

"I definitely really don't let anything hold me back these days."

Not when it comes to coloring his hair, that's for sure. His new blue 'do, a highlight of Sunday's American Music Awards, was a "spur-of-the-moment" decision that, he notes, had nothing to do with his recent breakup with model Gigi Hadid.

"I just did it because I wanted to do it," Joe says. "There really wasn't a deeper meaning to any of it… I like having blue hair. I don't think I feel any different."

Knowing that there could be a Jonas Brothers reunion, though, we certainly do. While we wait, check out this video from January 2004, when ET was backstage with the Jonas Brothers during their last concert of the season.

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