Scott Disick Is In a New Music Video With Chris Brown and... It's Really Bad


Scott Disick makes an appearance in Chris Brown's video for "Picture Me Rollin'”, and let's just say it doesn't paint the reality star, in the best light.

The video begins with Brown in a car with a woman. The singer yells at her after she leaves, which is already, like, NO.

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Then Disick makes his appearance. We see him calling the 26-year-old singer on the phone at the same time he’s yelling at a provocatively dressed woman, "Off the Lambo, b**ch."


"Chris, yo, you gotta come over here," Disick then pleads with the singer on the other line. "I really can't f**k all these bitches without you. I can't do this without you, man. You gotta get over here to the house."


After this, the musical part of the “music video” mercifully kicks in, and, naturally, it features another Kardashian (former) flame -- Khloe's ex, French Montana. Disick is gone for this portion, with Brown singing and dancing along to a kaleidoscope of shots from inside a house party.

But then we’re gifted with the 32-year-old reality star’s appearance once again, as he defends Brown towards the end of the video.

The uncensored video -- which we really, really hope was filmed a while ago -- is very NSFW, but you can watch it below.

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To be fair to Disick, the whole thing is clearly meant as a joke. Even so, it's not the best representation for him, as he’s been trying to reconcile with his estranged girlfriend, Kourtney Kardsashian. This past July, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star from Disick after he was photographed with a former flame.

In November, the dad of three completed a one-month stint in rehab, and last week, a source close to Disick told ET that the longtime couple is "trying to make it work."

"He feels good and healthy," the source said. "He's doing the best he's been in a really long time."

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Despite their troubles, the Kardashian-Jenner tribe still considers Scott family. On Dec. 1., Kris Jenner even tweeted that Scott is "one of the true loves of my life."

"Feel so blessed to have him as the baby daddy to my Grandkids," she added.

Watch the video below.