Lady Gaga Says She Was 'Truly Miserable' Before Working on 'AHS: Hotel'


Lady Gaga has a lot invested in her first major acting job.

For her role as The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel, Gaga will vie for a Golden Globe Award at Sunday's ceremony. But in an interview for V magazine's issue 99, the 29-year-old got candid about what the gig has meant to her personally.

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"When I wasn't working on the show I was truly miserable because I had no safe house to get out any of my vices," she told James Franco, who conducted the interview. "Now I have a safe house for my vices so when I'm making music I just have a lot more clarity. I have a little less of an instinct to be reckless with my music now because I'm reckless in other places."

Gaga explained that working as an actress has had a big impact on her voice and what she wants to say on her next album.

"I'm thinking more about what it is I want to say and what I want to leave on Earth. It's less an expression of all my pain," she explained. "There will be some of my pain on the record for sure, but it will be more than that. My last album was riddled with a ton of pain. That whole record. It's almost like you couldn't even get to what it is. Now, the show gives me an outlet to put things somewhere, so when I get to the piano I'm in a deeper place already. I have something completely other to explore."

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Fingers crossed for some epic new love songs on Gaga's next effort! The pop star appears to be head-over-heels for her fiancé, Taylor Kinney, as the two prepare to head down the aisle.

ET caught up with Kinney and his mom at the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday. "I loved her from the moment I met her," Pamela Heisler gushed of her future daughter-in-law. See the interview in the player below!