Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga Laughed Off Golden Globes Awkwardness at After Party

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Leonardo DiCaprio versus Lady Gaga truly would be a juicy feud.

But there is no feud to be found. Though the Internet endlessly GIFed, memed, Vined, whatevered The Revenant actor’s reaction as Gaga walked to the stage to accept her Golden Globe for American Horror Story: Hotel, the two actually ended up rubbing elbows once again at CAA’s after party.

"They were talking for a while. Lots of laughs going on," a source tells ET. "It was all in good fun. Leo had no idea who was walking past him. He was laughing that he had no idea people noticed his face."

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DiCaprio told ET as much when we caught up with him backstage and asked about the GIF-worthy reaction. "Oh lord -- that's trending, huh?" he said. "I just didn't know what was passing me, that's all!"

On the contrary, Gaga had at least one Academy Award winner gushing over her that night.

"All night long, all these actors that she and I both admire came up to her, like Brad Pitt, to tell her how great her performance was," Ryan Murphy told ET on the red carpet for the FOX party. "[It] was great for her and very emotional. It was her childhood dream."

Meanwhile, DiCaprio's party train just keeps on rolling: The actor hit the town with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, and Kate Hudson at a recent celeb-filled bash. Get the scoop from inside below:

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