Vin Diesel Hawking Street Sharks Is the Delightful '90s Throwback You Needed Today


Vin Diesel is a badass action star, no doubt about that. But back in 1994, when the actor was in his late 20s, he was more interested in brawlers of a different species: Street Sharks action figures!

In this amazing throwback clip, Diesel demonstrates some Street Sharks at a toy fair, dressing the part in a leather vest and a shark tooth necklace. His body is still ripped (and he’s actually got hair!), but when he starts playing with the action figures, it’s pretty hard to take any of it seriously.

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“This is Boomer. He’s got the biggest mouth of them all, he’s the whale shark,” Diesel explains in the clip, showing off the toy’s abilities. “Say hello to that round mound of pound and his power slam. Very deadly.”

The actor’s other underwater pals include “Sledge” the hammerhead shark, and “Ripster,” a Great White and “leader of the Street Sharks,” complete with “feel-real shark skin” and his own super power, the “right hand roundhouse punch.”

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But it’s not until Diesel pulls out the “hand shark” puppet that things really get amazing.

“I’ve got something here with such ‘fin-tastic’ detail, it’s gonna blow you away,” the actor assures, demonstrating the puppet’s “Rocky Balboa” punching action, complete with sound effects Diesel makes himself.

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