George Clooney and Hugh Laurie Reprise 'E.R.' and 'House' Roles to Rap Jimmy Kimmel Back to Life

The former hospital heartthrobs joined forces on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Jimmy Kimmel Live
planned for an E.R. reunion on Tuesday, but could only land George Clooney.

The show staged a scene similar to that of the beloved medical drama, but instead of bringing in Julianna Margulies or Noah Wyle, he was only able to get Hugh Laurie, who played a prickly doctor on House.

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Just like his character, Dr. Gregory House, Laurie suggested an uncommon medical procedure to bring Kimmel back to life. The actor instructed Clooney, a.k.a. Dr. Doug Ross, to "give him the 'Rapper's Delight.'"

You've never seen Clooney get this goofy, and his rap skills were quite impressive. They even revived Kimmel. "You saved this man's life through hip-hop," Laurie exclaimed. "Dr. Ross, you're a genius."

"You're a genius for thinking I'm a genius," Clooney quipped back.

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Before Clooney agreed to star in Kimmel's bizarre E.R. reunion, he chatted with ET about his bromance with his Hail, Caesar! co-star, Channing Tatum. "I think you should remember, [Tatum] fashioned Magic Mike after me," Clooney joked. "Put a little tequila into me and next thing you know, dollars are flying! I'm putting them everywhere!"

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