George Clooney and Rihanna Play 'Never Have I Ever' -- and Their Answers Will Shock You

Who went skinny dipping in Lake Como and who has texted a naked pic?

Who's the more scandalous star: Rihanna or George Clooney?

Ellen DeGeneres was on a mission to find out when she had the pop star and actor play "Never Have I Ever." The host asked the stars a series of revealing questions and they held up one side of their paddles to reveal the message "I have" or "I have never."

"Never have I ever texted a nude selfie," she inquired. While both Clooney and DeGeneres claimed they've never done this, Rihanna had to admit that she has sent out nude pics.

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But Clooney's bad boy side came out when asked if he'd ever "swam naked in Lake Como." Both DeGeneres and Rihanna have never done this but the Hail, Caesar! star, who has a home there, confessed that he had gone skinny dipping in the lake.

Both Clooney and Rihanna both have "been drunk before noon," and have never "hooked up with someone over 50."

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There was also some discussion about what the term "hooking up" actually meant, which led to Rihanna coining a new phrase. "Some people think hooking up is like seal the deal, lick the envelope and close it," the 27-year-old singer exclaimed.

Clooney reminisced on his bachelor days when answering, "Never have I have ever forgotten the name of a person I was fooling around with." He admitted that he had done this but only because he "was drunk before noon."

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The A-list actor is now happily married to Amal Clooney and gushed to ET about how impressed he's been with how the civil rights attorney has handled Hollywood. "She does very well with that," the 54-year-old star said. "It's hard to do, I think."

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