The 14 Most GIFable Moments From the GRAMMYs, Including Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and More!

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Only a few days left until we get a new GIF of Taylor Swift dancing at an awards show!

On Monday, the pop star will return to the awards show that shocked and surprised her so many times in the past, this time with seven GRAMMY nominations. We're more excited for the footage of her dancing in the crowd to the likes of Adele, Rihanna, and...Justin Bieber? It could happen!

Until then, we have some exciting news: ET is teaming up with GIPHY to bring you exclusive GIF'd moments from the GRAMMYs red carpet. To get excited, let’s look back on the most GIFable moments of years past.

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1. When Kanye West almost pulled a Kanye on Beck:

2. When Beyoncé photobombed some random reporter:

That selfie is DEFINITELY getting at least 11 likes on Instagram.

3. When Jay Z admitted that he lets his daughter use his GRAMMYs as toys:

4. When Adele made this face:

5. And Prince made this face:

Iconic. And the GIF is so versatile.

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6. When Jennifer “J.Lo” Lopez somehow managed not to nip slip in this dress:

7. When Pink delivered the slay of all slays and set a new bar for GRAMMY performances:

8. Whenever Taylor Swift dances in the audience:

9. Seriously, every single time Taylor Swift dances in the audience:

10. And when Steven Tyler dances too:

Who knew he had that in him?

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11. When Kristen Wiig reached peak Kristen Wiig performing with Sia:

12. When we found out what it looks like when robots hug:

13. When Robin Williams was simply the most charming person ever:

14. And this, the ultimate GRAMMYs throwback. Oh, the memories!

Plus, Gwen Stefani will make history with the first music video ever shot on live TV! Get a behind-the-scenes look at her "Make Me Like You" video, which will shoot at the GRAMMYs.