'Income Property' Star Scott McGillivray Takes Us Behind the Scenes of His Popular Instagrams


After 10 seasons of Income
, audiences have come to enjoy watching host Scott McGillivray as
he helps homeowners find extra value in their properties. He’s funny, charming
and easy on the eyes.

But his appeal isn’t limited to the show. Over the years, the
37-year-old personality has taken to Instagram to give fans a peek at life away
from the cameras, often sharing his sense of humor, even funnier throwback
photos, and cute moments with his family.

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While McGillivray was in New York City to promote season 11
of the DIY series, which he dubs “Income Property: On Vacation,” ETonline
caught up with him to get the backstories of some of his most candid uploads. And
we were surprised to learn a few new things about the host.

1. Surfing

When asked about this beachside photo of McGillivray with a
surfboard, the host revealed he’s been hitting the waves since he was 19 years
old. His first time was in Costa Rica, where he fell in love with the sport.

“I ended up going back two years later and learning how to
surf -- and stayed for four weeks,” McGillivray reveals, adding that he jumps
at the chance to surf while filming on location -- even on the Great Lakes in
the middle of October. “It can get pretty epic. One day, the surf was too big
and too rough. There were eight-foot waves, which were well overhead. It was
also pretty cold, so I was in a wetsuit, and you don’t last long when the water
is 50 degrees.”

2. Vintage Hair

Four years old in the photo, McGillivray was inspired to
share the snapshot because his own daughter is currently the same age. “That is
an epic throwback,” he says of the 1982 pic. “My mom used to cut my hair when I
was a kid and she used to literally put a bowl on our heads. My brother and I
had this exact same haircut.  We actually
had the same shirt as well.”

3. Like Father, Like

“This was a fun moment. That was when my daughter was eight
months old or so and we went to Aruba,” he says of the vacation pic with his
daughter, who actually appears in a handful of episodes this season. “I was
just sitting there; I grabbed the bottle and started drinking it. Then she
grabbed her bottle and started copying me -- doing everything I was doing.”

“Her gut was bigger than mine,” he jokingly adds. “Now, my
gut is bigger than hers. So we sort of traded.”

4. Mudding

Outside his new house, which he’s building for a series,
McGillivray reveals he took a break from filming to let off some steam. “It had
been a muddy winter,” he says of jumping into his Jeep to take it for a drive
through the property. “I just ripped it up in the mud -- just a disaster. I
popped a tire. But it was good. I had to let some frustration out.”  

5. The Fabio

When it comes to his hair, McGillivray has no shame -- or at
least no shame about owning up to his ‘90s styles. His long hair was
particularly epic, akin to Fabio’s famous locks. But the host reveals he was going
for more of a rocker vibe. “I wore it in a ponytail a lot, to be honest,” he
says. “But you've got to remember, it was the ‘90s. It was kind of like Nirvana
days, right?”

McGillivray eventually chopped it all off, ending up with a
boy-band look. (The look can also be found on Instagram.) “When you have to get
cleaned up, go boy-band style,” he jokes. “I’ve tried a lot of different
hairstyles. It’s all an adventure.”

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