EXCLUSIVE: Khloe Kardashian Praises Rob's 'Healthy Fitness Journey'

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Khloe Kardashian is excited about her younger brother Rob Kardashian's path to a healthier lifestyle.

ET caught up with 31-year-old Khloe when she hosted Kybella's Live Chin Up event in New York City on Thursday, promoting the injectable treatment for double chins. Khloe said 28-year-old Rob is "doing really good."

"He's doing really good and he's on his healthy fitness journey, which I'm so ecstatic about," Khloe said. "I just want everyone to be happy and healthy -- that's, like, the goal in life, and that's kind of our philosophy here today. You gotta do the journey when it's on your time and for you -- you can't do it for anybody else, and that's what's important about life."

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Khloe says the secret to her own incredible weight loss -- which she's been flawlessly maintaining -- is having a positive outlook on life.

"I really think it's just, like, you wake up every morning and you have a positive outlook," Khloe mused. "I love to work out ... that's my selfish time."

"God, I've been on my workout path for, like, three years ... it's my lifestyle -- I don't want it to just be 2016, I want it to be the rest of my life," she continued. "I just want that to be my routine, that I wake up and I go to the gym, and I work on fitness and just [be] healthy -- like, even your mental -- you have to practice that. That's a workout in itself, I think, making sure that I'm constantly aware that I want to be positive today, I want to be a kind person. You have to be aware of that."

Of course, Khloe isn't above getting plastic surgery.

"Whatever makes you happy, and doing it for yourself, go for it," Khloe said. "We all are aging, but that's also why we have all these wonderful things at our fingertips. So, I'm all for anything that you do for yourself, and that makes you happy. I don't care about that stuff. You can't judge!"

"I don't know what I'm gonna do in 10 years, and I hope I do it all at the same time," she also joked.

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A source close to Rob recently told ET that the formerly reclusive reality star has lost another 10 pounds thanks to the motivation of his girlfriend, model Blac Chyna. News broke that the two are dating -- despite Blac Chyna's complicated history with the Kardashians -- in January.

"[He's] really been taking care of himself," the source said about Rob, adding, "It really all is because of Blac Chyna. Chyna is great... She has brought this new side of him out, the old Rob! He's really having a lot of fun."

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