Former 'Bachelor' Jesse Palmer Says Erin Andrews Was 'More Reserved' After Nude Videos Went Public


The jury in Erin Andrews' civil trial reviewed a 2014 deposition from Andrews' former colleague at ESPN, Jesse Palmer, on Thursday in which he revealed that while Andrews' demeanor remained professional on camera, there was a noticeable change off camera after the nude videos of her went public.

According to Palmer, after the scandal broke, Andrews became "more reserved" when the cameras weren't rolling.

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"From what I can recall, it was a very difficult time for her," Palmer said.

Palmer continued to praise Andrews for remaining poised during broadcasts, but acknowledged the impact of the incident was evident. The former Bachelor star noted that there was security present for Andrews in 2009 when she was at hotels and that she would get her own separate transportation to games as opposed to traveling with the rest of the broadcast team.

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While Palmer said he went out of his way not to bring up the scandal around Andrews, he said that the news of her convicted stalker's arrest came as a relief.

"Just the fact that he had been detained or arrested -- I think that put her at ease a little bit," Palmer said. "I think the problem was that there may be more people like that out there."

Andrews is suing West End Hotel Partners and her convicted stalker, Michael David Barrett, for $75 million.

Barrett pleaded guilty to altering peepholes and secretly shooting videos of the former ESPN reporter in 2009 and was sentenced to 2-1/2 years in prison.

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The hotel has claimed that it too was a victim of Barrett.

"He deceived, he connived, he stalked -- that's what Mr. Barrett did," lawyer Marc Dedman told jurors in their opening.

Court is expected to resume Friday morning when the jury will hear closing arguments.