Gabourey Sidibe on Curvy Women: Don't Say We're 'In Now'

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As a "curvier" woman herself, Empire star Gabourey Sidibe is pleased with magazines like Sports Illustrated incorporating more curvier women in their pages, but she might be happier when it's no longer surprising.

"I don't think it should be an issue," Sidibe told ET at PaleyFest 2016 on Friday. "I am part of the curvier population, and so I know that we exist and somebody said something to me yesterday about 'curvy girls are in now,' and I was like, 'That is actually rude.' Don't tell me that I am in right now because I have been alive my entire life and there have been curvier women for the entirety of the world since the dawn of time. To say that we are in now is rude, because it says that we won't be in tomorrow or something."

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The 32-year-old actress is also tired of being a trending topic for her racy rooftop love scene during the first half of Empire's second season.

"When I was shooting it, I kind of didn't think it was that big of a deal," Sidibe said. "I am just living my life."

For those who criticized her for embracing her sexuality on the Fox drama, Sidibe says that she's too busy to linger on Internet trolls.

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"I am genuinely out here living, so that is how I shake it off," she said. "I just continue to live."

Sidibe's Empire co-star, Serayah McNeill, had no problem with the attention she garnered after appearing in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video. The 20-year-old actress stars as Dilemma in the video and she dished on what it's like on a typical night out with Swift.

"Sushi and boy talk," McNeill said. "She's amazing! She's like my big sis, so we always have a good time."

McNeill also raved about the second half of Empire season two, which she told ET is full of plot twists and a growing relationship between the characters Tiana and Cookie.

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"Tiana goes on tour, so we're going to see Cookie embellishing in some of her new ways and Tiana's going to not be so happy," McNeill said, "but I think Tiana shadows Cookie a little bit in attitude and fierceness and everything like that. I love their relationship."

Empire returns to Fox on March 30. Watch the video below to see the cast put to rest the false rumor that Trai Byers is leaving the show.