EXCLUSIVE: James Lafferty Reveals His Unexpected Idea for a 'One Tree Hill' Revival!

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It's only been four years since we said goodbye to One Tree Hill, but we're already ready for a revival -- and James Lafferty, who played Nathan Scott on the soapy drama, told ET that not only is he in, but he already has a few ideas.

"Nathan's gone back into basketball, coaching in the NBA," he brainstormed. "Haley's got an incredible music career. Jamie, I think, is on his way to the NBA and then maybe there’s a few more, like 14 more, Scott kids coming through the pipeline."

Lafferty, who currently plays a villainous U.S. Marshal on WGN's Underground, seems to have taken to playing bad, because he also says he wants to see Nathan take a dark turn -- like father, like Scott, full-on Dan Scott dark.

"That would be interesting," he revealed. "Now that would be fun, that would be a fun thing to play."

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As for the likelihood of ever seeing an onscreen reunion, it's up to the show's creator, Mark Schwahn.

“I don’t know if there's a version of One Tree Hill at its core heart and soul without Mark Schwahn, so I think the book starts and stops with him," Lafferty cautions. "But I’d say if Mark picks up the phone and calls and says, 'You wanna do something?' Then I’d always give him an ear, for sure.”

If not a One Tree Hill revival, Lafferty played coy but teased that he and Schwahn, who currently helms The Royals on E!, have discussed other projects throughout the years. The 30-year-old actor is drawn to one idea in particular.

"I think there's movement towards making shows about different time periods and the music," Lafferty explained, name-checking HBO's Vinyl. "So, I think there are other time periods, there are other music movements and cultural movements that have yet to be explored in the television medium."

"I grew up with Nirvana and Pearl Jam and stuff, so I think exploring something like the grunge scene would be kind of interesting," he pitched.

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While we all anxiously await a possible return to Tree Hill, you can see Lafferty in Waffle Street, out March 15, where he plays a disillusioned Wall Street financier who gets fired and decides to work at a 24-hour diner -- and Lafferty says his character isn't the only one who learned life lessons from co-star Danny Glover.

"Coming from doing television for so long, sometimes you have to stay on book and the words are very important," he explained. "With Danny, who goes from film to film and has found his own style, it was nice to watch him riff and be like, 'Oh yeah, I could get into that.'"

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