Kanye West Ditches His Uber for a Ride From the Paparazzi -- Watch!

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Kanye West isn't just friendly with the paparazzi, he's hailing rides from them!

New video shows the Life of Pablo rapper bailing on his Uber to grab a ride from some paparazzi trying to grab a soundbite.

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It all started when the paparazzi noticed Kanye trying to schedule a pickup from Uber, when they jokingly offered him their services. Shockingly, the 38-year-old rapper happily accepted!

"I don't need Uber anymore. I'll just have the paps take me where I wanna go," said Kanye.

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Short trip, though. Before they went too far, Kanye asked the cameraman to stop recording while he made a phone call, exiting the vehicle shortly thereafter.

It's too bad they didn't have time to catch a tune! In Kim Kardashian West's recent Snapchats, Kanye proved he's the perfect carpool karaoke buddy, especially provided you're listening to his album (or Justin Bieber!).

It's not all Yeezy and Bieber, though. Kanye's fine with Future, too.

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We're liking this side of Kanye! Even when he's feuding with DJ Deadmau5, he manages to do it in a hilarious, likable way.

Watch the video below.