Caitlyn Jenner Is Nervous to Dance With Men: 'I Don't Want My Kids to See That'

Caitlyn Jenner continues to worry about how her gender identity will affect her family.

Caitlyn Jenner is not ready to dance salsa with a man just yet.

In a new preview clip from I Am Cait season 2, the 66-year-old former Olympian refuses dancing with men because of how the picture circulating might impact her family.

"I am not comfortable with doing this," the reality star explains. "Having a bunch of guys here so we dance with guys. That ain't happening."

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"That picture is going to go all over the world and I don't want my kids to see that," Jenner worries.

"Caitlyn hasn't embraced those sides of her feminine self yet,” her friend Candis Cayne speculates. "But this isn't speed dating, this is a dance class, we're doing salsa."

Watch the clip below.

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I Am Cait airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!

The second season of the popular docuseries continues to offer a ook at Jenner's life and gender issues.

In the season premiere, Jenner gets into an intense political discussion about presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, arguing that she may not be an advocate for women should she be elected.

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