Chris Pratt Is Ridiculously Charming as He Gives a 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Set Tour

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In the video hyping his latest charity effort -- raising money for the Boys and Girls' Club in his hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington -- Chris Pratt turns his goofy charm up to 11.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star takes viewers on a tour of the sequel's set, showing off the kinds of perks donors to his fundraiser could win. During the video he manages to crash a golf cart, get attacked by a giant green screen emu, almost give away major plot spoilers -- and win our hearts, yet again.

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At one point, Pratt is so "filled with the giving spirit," that he nearly gives away the identity of Star-Lord's father – a closely kept secret for the Guardians sequel. Luckily, writer-director James Gunn stops him just in time.

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While the actor makes many outlandish promises in the short video -- including that winners will get to punch him in the face and jump a forklift off a ramp, the chance to hang with Star-Lord on the GOTG2 set is cool enough all on its own.

Besides being super charming and really good looking, Pratt's big-heart is well-known -- like that time he and Chris Evans visited children's hospitals in Boston and Seattle. Watch the video below.