Lindsay Lohan Pulls a Shia LaBeouf, Says She's 'Not Cool Enough For L.A.'

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Lindsay Lohan has made a splash on social media in the last few weeks, sharing pics of her new boyfriend and dubsmashes from some of her most memorable movies roles. On Thursday, however, the 29-year-old actress went full Shia LaBeouf, posting a pic of herself with a paper bag over her head that read “I Am Not Famous Anymore”

“I'm not cool enough for LA,” Lohan captioned the pic. “#tmp =toomanypawns ? #tmz =toomuchzealousness.”

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The Instagram was reminiscent of LaBeouf’s bizarre appearance at the Berlinale International Film Festival in February 2014, after the actor had spent several weeks tweeting the same message.

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Lohan’s tone felt much more playful, however. In fact, the actress seems like she’s in a good place. Just one hour later after sharing the bag photo, she posted a photo of a “Russian dinner,” which she captioned, “Love and let love.”

And two days ago, she wrote about moving in with her new beau, Egor Tarabaso, captioning an Instagram, “Moving in and "How To Get Your Man To Help."

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The Russian business heir even has the approval of the Mean Girl star’s family.

"We love him," Dina Lohan gushed to ET earlier this month. "He is a sweetheart. My other children and I love him. We know him well."

"I have even FaceTimed with his mom," she added, revealing that her daughter and Tarabaso have been together about six months. "He is just so sweet, and they are so happy. Everyone is so happy."

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