D'Angelo Russell Talks Leaked Nick Young Tape, Iggy Azalea Cheating Rumors: 'It Wasn't For Anybody Else to See

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D’Angelo Russell is not exactly the MVP of the L.A. Lakers right now. In a Wednesday press conference, the 20-year-old NBA star addressed his role in the leaked video that implicated his teammate Nick Young allegedly cheated on his fiancée, Iggy Azalea.

“I feel as sick as possible,” Russell, who seemed remorseful about the implications of his actions, said, adding, “I wish I could make things better right away, but I can’t.”

When asked if he felt like he’d put Young’s impending marriage to Azalea at risk, Russell replied, “Honestly, I do.”

“I’ve always been known as the guy that plays around a lot,” he continued. “And he has been too… He’s one of the guys that I’ve always talked to about anything. I cherish that friendship. For me to have an incident like this come up and put it in jeopardy, that’s not what I was intending to do.”

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The point guard insisted that the leaked footage was not a prank and was not released by him.

“We joked around, played around all the time, said crazy things. This just got in the wrong hands,” he said. “It wasn’t a prank. It wasn’t for anybody else to see. It was for my eyes, his eyes only. I’ve reached out to him, talked a little bit. I let him know my apologies. I don’t know if they were accepted.”

Throughout the course of the interview, Russell didn’t admit whether or not his teammate was innocent of the cheating allegations against him.

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“There’s really no explanation for that topic of discussion,” he noted of the alleged infidelity. “We say things that you don’t really repeat. That was just an incident of playing too much goes wrong. I take full blame for recording the video and going that, but leaking the video wasn’t me. I have no clue how that got out… I’m owning up to it full effect and just taking what comes with it.”

A forlorn-looking Young, 30, also briefly spoke with reporters, “I don’t want to get into my personal life right now. Me and D’Angelo handled the situation we have in a private manner, outside the media… What happened is what happened. We’ve got to work on it. ”

As for Azalea, the 25-year-old rapper initially acknowledged the footage on Twitter, writing, “hmmm I see D Angelo Russell is trending … I actually liked his film. Thanks bro.”

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But since then, the “Fancy” emcee has only been tweeting about her new music and on Wednesday she Instagrammed a photo posing with two of her horses.

Apart from her tweet, Azalea has not commented on the cheating rumors or the status of her relationship. Earlier this month, she discussed postponing her wedding due to her touring schedule on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM radio show.

"He's like, 'I can be a bachelor for longer,' and like, he's really milking it, he's really milking the whole thing," Azalea joked of Young. "So, he's really happy. Any time he wants to go out with the boys, he's like, 'This is my last summer being a bachelor!' So, he likes that. He can milk it for longer with me, so he's excited."