Amber Rose's MuvaMoji vs. Kim Kardashian's Kimoji: How Their Emoji Keyboards Compare


This is the battle that could break the app store.

Amber Rose threw down the gauntlet on Wednesday, dropping her own curated emoji keyboard, MuvaMoji, in a cleavage-baring video, after Kim Kardashian West's wildly successful Kimoji debuted late last year.

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The 32-year-old model has been promoting the new app like crazy on her Twitter and Instagram, which seems to have paid off, as it had shot to the top of the app store by Wednesday night. (At press time, Kimoji still sits at a respectable No. 10.)

We should point out that, despite past drama between Amber and her ex/Kim's husband, Kanye West, these two have remained very friendly, with Amber standing up for the reality star against rocker Pink's seeming shade of her recent nude Instagram pic. But while friendship is a kind and beautiful thing, there are no friends in emoji warfare -- mostly because that's not a real thing -- and we wanted to see how the two apps compare.

So here's how MuvaMoji stacks up against Kimoji.

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On first impression, the two seem pretty similar. Lots of cleavage, lots of booty and pole dancing. But we have to give up to MuvaMoji in that it doesn't just feel like she jacked Kim's keyboard and switched the hair.


As you can see above, Kim's faces tend to draw from both classic emoji templates, as well as meme-fied moments from her own celebrity lifestyle, while MuvaMoji seems to lean a lot harder on Amber's personality and expression.

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Additionally, while Kimoji features topical emojis and has released subsequent updates after the initial release, Amber's keyboard is pretty bold with what it includes, some of which the model posted to her own Instagram, like a Free Kesha emoji...

There is another one that is sure to be controversial, which seems to be in the likeness of embattled comedian Bill Cosby holding up a police department sign that reads, "I did it." (Another emoji available to those who download the app reads, "Pill Cosby.")

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There's even a whole section devoted to the LGBT community.

And of course, pregnancy tests, Fifty Shades of Grey type offerings, and some other stuff we can't really even show you.

It's pretty outrageous, we kind of love it, and really, it's all just Amber being Amber.

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Ultimately, what we learned is that you have two major options in the celebrity emoji space, and if you're one of those people who likes to keep your text game on point... you should probably choose both of them.

Emoji anyone?

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