EXCLUSIVE: Jodie Sweetin Talks Emotional 'Dancing With the Stars' Night: 'I Couldn't Even Look at My Mom'

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Monday night was a big one for Jodie Sweetin.

The Fuller House star spoke exclusively to ET backstage following Dancing With the Stars' "Most Memorable Year" night, where she performed a moving dance after opening up in a teary-eyed video about her struggles with sobriety.

"He's so proud," the 34-year-old actress told ET, referring to her fiance, Justin Hodak. "My kids are so proud. My parents were here. I couldn't even look at my mom. She was sitting over there, I saw the package and I was like, 'I'm just gonna walk away. I'll look at you after but not before!'"

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"My family is incredibly proud of me, and getting to share my story, and getting to dance tonight like I did, my mom texted me immediately and was like, 'You were amazing!'" Sweetin added. "It means the world to me."

Sweetin admits that while quiet moments have been, in the past, the most difficult during her recovery, they now give her peace.

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"It's easy to drown out feelings when you're among a lot of noise, and the quiet times are the hardest, but not anymore," she said. "Today my quiet times are my solace, my respite, and I have an amazing life today."

During the video, Sweetin opened up about her mom talking about "her light," which she elaborated on as being inspired by a memory from years ago when she got sober.

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"She just told me, I see you shining again," Sweetin revealed. "Over this past year, that was my most memorable year, she said, 'I just watch you come to life. I watch you come to life doing what you love and it's an amazing thing to watch,' so it means a lot."

When asked about her TV dad, Bob Saget, who also got choked up talking about the actress on the show, Sweetin responded, "I love Bob."

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"I've known Bob since I was five years old and he's a member of my family," she said. "It was really sweet to see them come out and share so much love and be my family."

Speaking of family, are we gonna be seeing more Full House alum on DWTS. According to Sweetin, definitely not Lori Loughlin!

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"Lori is not a dancer. She's always like, 'You guys do the dancing," said Sweetin. "It's cute! She's usually like, 'Nah, you guys have fun with the dancing!'"

Watch the video below for more on Sweetin's big night.