Bella Hadid Strips Down for Racy, Topless Mystery Shoot: 'Sorry Mama'


Sorry, mama! Bella Hadid’s mom, Yolanda Foster, is a former model herself, but she may not be a big fan of her youngest daughter’s latest project.

Hadid, 19, posted an incredibly racy photo of herself, posing topless in a new shoot.

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“Sorry mama,” she captioned the Instagram photo. “Secret project with my dream team @nomadrjand @elizabethsulcer #BTS.”

In the shot, Hadid is wearing a black choker necklace with a black body chain running down her middle and around her hips. She also wore a pair of black underwear with her arm covering her breasts.

The supermodel’s brunette lob was teased for the shoot. It’s unclear if her hair was cut or simply pinned up for the photos.

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Hadid recently returned from a trip to Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy where she and some friends enjoyed sunning themselves in bikinis by the pool.

In late March, Bella spoke with ET about working in the same industry as her family, calling her older sister Gigi’s support “a beautiful thing.”

"I feel it's hard to be in a business by yourself and the fact that I have her with me at all times, I can call her and ask her about things, is so amazing," Bella told ET at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards.