Justin Bieber Attends His Dad's Engagement Party, Pets a Tiger

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Not your average engagement party! Justin Bieber attended his father Jeremy Bieber’s engagement event on Saturday, but it wasn’t a simple dinner and drinks.

The bash was also a Private VIP Art Show and Nyotaimori Celebrating Life Love and Art, which was held at the private residence of Dr. Rita Kilislian and Andy Curnew in Toronto, Canada. At the soiree, the newly-shaved head Biebs pet a tiger, posed with Iron Man, and checked out the Batmobile.

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Justin, who recently buzzed off his dreadlocks, posted a picture with the giant feline to Instagram. He later shared another shot from his private plane, showing off his new ‘do while shirtless.

“Some girl came up to me and she was like, ‘I love you, Justin, but, like, that’s, like, my least favorite hairstyle,’” Justin said in a funny Instagram post the week before he cut his hair off.

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Jeremy and his fiancée, Chelsey Rebelo, got dressy for the event with Chelsey in a white lace crop top and long white skirt and Jeremy in an electric blue silk shirt with a printed blue blazer over top.

Justin posed for photos with his father and the party’s guests. Chelsey also shared pics from the event, including a shot of the couple’s cake, which featured a Batman theme on one side and a bridal theme on the other.

“Loveeeee this day!” Chelsey captioned the shot.