This Dog Met Ryan Gosling and Had the Exact Same Reaction You Would Have

Felipe Ramales / Splash News

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a dog? Because this is what you would look like as a dog, if you were a dog that happened to meet Ryan Gosling.

The Nice Guys actor and physically beautiful human being was en route to tape The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Friday when he stopped to pet a four-legged friend on the streets of New York City. This dog is you:

Felipe Ramales / Splash News

Again, if you were a dog going for your daily walk and crossed paths with that guy you barked at once when the TV was paused while your owner was watching The Notebook on TBS, or whatever.

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You can practically hear this dog going, "ERMAHGERD RYAN GAHWSLING!!!"


If Gosling seems to have an extra pep in his step these days, it's not just because he got to pet a cute dog. The 35-year-old actor welcomed his second daughter with Eva Mendes last month and recently said that living with Esmeralda, 1, and newborn Amada is "heaven."

Hear more sweet words Gosling has for the ladies in his life in the video below.